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If 2020 has taught me anything, it’s that the kind of spaces that I’ve been trying so hard to create for the past 3+ years are so very necessary. Like everyone else globally, the introduction of a pandemic threw a wrench into our plans. Whether it was personal or professional, many of us felt more or less like a fish out of water, with no idea about the first step to take for just mere survival.

It wasn’t any different for me. Nothing that was planned or expected came to be. Very rarely was there a glimmer of hope that this reality will not be permanent. In spite of that though, while this year was rough, it showed me that the struggle of the past 3–4 years of building my own businesses have actually strengthened my pivot-muscles enough to carry me through. Truth is, building from scratch with no financial backing has been the most difficult experience of my life. Yet, I haven’t panicked. I’ve been sad on occasion, but a full-blown anxiety attack about the fate of my world + future? Nah. #Growth #WhoWouldveThought

We Need Help

So, while we’re all still trying to piece together the puzzle of what our lives look like going forward, I am asking for your help for the next phase of my business’ life.

Millennial women of color have always been underrepresented in the global health + wellness industry, and I’ve been determined to play my part in making a change to that reality, however small.

The problem is, I (& Witted Roots ) need some extra help to become the space that we’ve always aimed to be. A safe space for millennial women of color to be vulnerable + more expert resources for your mental health + emotional wellness.

To usher in the new era of Witted Roots, one where there’s no question about whom we serve and how we do so, we’ve recently launched our first crowdfunding campaign on iFundWomen.

6 Ways That You Can Help (That Don’t Always Include $$$)

  1. Share the link to our crowdfunding campaign in a social media post. Seriously, it sounds like a lot, but the extra minute you will take out of your day to post the link on your IG, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn, and anywhere else you regularly connect with your network will do wonders for spreading the word. It will also be extremely appreciated!
  2. Talk about us on your blog, podcast, YT channel, or other content-sharing platforms. We are ever-evolving but always focused on whom we serve at the core. Maybe you want to compile a list to highlight Black/Immigrant/Women Of Color entrepreneurs. Or maybe you are planning to compile a list of thoughtfully-designed products like our Journaling Cards (available as a reward on our crowdfunding campaign). Either way, spread the word!
  3. Share the link to our crowdfunding campaign in a group that you’re a member of. Of course, as long as it’s acceptable under the group’s code of conduct. Spread the word to individuals that you think would be interested in helping you spread the word even further.
  4. Contribute ANY amount to our crowdfunding campaign. Seriously, we appreciate every single cent that is offered to us as we continue to focus on our growth. Everything helps to do the work that we need to do to be a worthy resource to our community of millennial women of color globally.
  5. Invite me to have a chat with you on your social media or other content-sharing platforms. I would greatly appreciate chatting with you about who I am and what Witted Roots is all about. It would go far in helping me to make my own contribution to millennial women of color being more visible in the global health + wellness industry.
  6. Tell just one friend/colleague/acquaintance about us. Even if it’s just one close friend, a professional acquaintance, or just someone you follow that you believe will connect with the goals propelling us at Witted Roots, go ahead and tell them what we’re trying to do. It would be greatly appreciated.

It’s never been easy for me to ask for help, so I will greatly appreciate you helping me to spread the word on Witted Roots, our upcoming private membership community for millennial women of color, and our thoughtfully-designed rewards available through our crowdfunding campaign. Thank you! 😊

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